Peacock Box

“The Peacock Box” is made from wood, toilet paper tubes, zip ties, egg cartons, strings, cement, bottle caps, spray paint, pens, paint brushes, syringes, mascara, straws, other cylinder shaped objects, and some random feathers that I found in my mom’s storage closet. The creation of this sculpture was inspired by the origami artist, Robert J. […]

Sie hatte Flügel.

The context for my wire sculpture comes from the book, The Halo by L. Dale Young. In this book of poetry, the narrator is in a car accident that paralyzes him from the neck down. The poems are written from his hospital bed where describes his body and mental state as broken wings. I took […]

Goats in the Sky.

This piece involves an imaginative species of a goat and its kin hiking up a mountain. The dialogue between the goats represents the transformation one goes through as they age. The mountain is modeled after Mount Matterhorn. The proportion of the goats to the mountain is distorted to emphasize their existence. The process of creating […]