The Invisible Interface

To step foot into the realm of digital media one has got to be humble. I say this with no hesitation to add that this is one of the most difficult tasks to conquer as an artist. It’s difficult and heavily overlooked by everyone.
Lurking in the shadows of the creative process, one might think they have evaded its essence as they sit back and sip their delicious margarita, but this is only your mind playing tricks. To be a humble technologist, one must first eradicate all preconceived notions of the word, humble.

Scientific Creativity Is Not Selfish

Creativity in science is interesting to perceive through the paintbrush hairs of a fine artist. The relationship between these perceptions vary throughout historical accounts and research papers aimed at deciphering the nature behind the creative makeup. The Nature of Science Compendium is a collection of perspectives from several major scientific discoveries. Throughout this reading, I […]